Active projects for 2022

Trans-border hydrogeological research project SR-BG1040 (2021-2024)

The joint Serbian-Bulgarian initiative SR-BG1040 is a fully funded three year research project (2021-2024). It focuses on Karst systems at the border Balkan region between Bulgaria and Serbia. The project has the aim to create a comprehensive database of the underground water transfer routes and to update the existing geological survey information for the region. The project concerns an area of 1043 of mostly alpine karst and covered karst morphology.

Geological survey A347 – Turkey-Bulgaria-Romania (2022-2023)

The project is projected to start in July 2022 and will be partly funded by the EMKGI. Main aim is to update existing geological data for the Strandzha/Yıldız mountain region.

Karts springs mapping project, Western Balkans – EU-C2018 (2022-2025)

The project spans several Balkan regions of Bulgaria and Serbia and aims to develop a comprehensive database of karst springs used by the local population for drinking water. Educational initiatives are a vital part of this initiative, with emphasis on preserving the fragile karst water geosystems.