“No man has gone before us in these depths, no one knows where we go nor what we see, nothing so strangely beautiful was ever presented to us, and spontaneously we ask each other the same question: are we not dreaming?”

– É.-A. Martel (1858-1938), the father of modern speleology


The E.A.Martel Karst and Geology Institute is focused on projects in Eastern Europe in the field of hydrogeological research and sustainable water source management in karst areas.

We are working in collaboration with Government organizations and NGO’s, and provide funding on a local and country level.

Speleology Research

For on-the-ground speleological research the Institute maintains the E.A.Martel Speleo Club, fully funding the projects of the ATI Cave Exploration Team (cave diving research), and the Tenebris Underground Research Group (alpine karst and complex cave systems research).

For the website of the Speleo Club, please click below:


It strikes me that all our knowledge about the structure of our Earth is very much like what an old hen would know of the hundred-acre field in a corner of which she is scratching.

– Charles Darwin