About us

The European Karst and Geology Institute E.A.Martel conducts research in the fields of hydrogeology, speleology and karst-related disciplines, and develops and maintains an up-to-date GIS database of endangered karst phenomena in Bulgaria and Europe. We cooperate with Bulgarian, European and other international organizations and clubs in the field of speleological and geological research, with an additional focus on research and conservation of flora and fauna in karst geosystems and waters.

To achieve it’s goals the Institute supports and develops it’s own Speleological research initiative – “E.A.Martel” Speleo Club, with two active research teams operating in the Balkan region and Central Europe.

The Institute also conducts youth initiatives, trainings and camps in the field of geology, hydrogeology, speleology and related scientific disciplines. A special focus is cave conservation and the promotion of good practices in speleology in cooperation with other similar organizations in the European Union and the USA.